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Bass Line Live at Music Bar and Club

Posted by Taddy at April 29th, 2015

Bass Line Live at Music Bar and Club was an amazing event as the doors were opened at 8PM, DJ Turbo started the vibe at 9PM while people were pouring in …We started with a powerful intrumental accoustic set for 30 min, then Lord Laro took the stage and had the people in stitches with his story telling songs …Took a break for 30 min while DJ Turbo had the people dancing …

Went back on with lead singer Sahara Prade with a hour of music from the heart delivered fine style with Robert Angus on guitar, Ortel Clarke on Drumz and Taddy P on bass …At the end the people were so satisfy they were not ready to go home so DJ Turbo continue to rock the place ….

It was a very entertaining evening and i can’t wait to do it again …..

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