Othniel "Taddy P" Campbell is arguably one of Jamaica's finest bass players. A consummate musician, he has also displayed exceptional skills as a songwriter, singjay and producer. Having worked and toured with artistes including, but not limited to the likes of Maxi Priest, the late Dennis Brown, King Yellow Man, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Bunny Rugs, Diana King and Tanya Stephens, he has vast experience on the world stage.

With three albums and one EP under his belt, Taddy P has secured his place in the music world as a solo artiste. His debut album “Bass Inna Yu Face” introduced his musical genius to the world as an independent act. The second album, “Gimmie Di Bass” further showcased Taddy P’s unique style as bass player, using his bass guitar as his voice. The album features the hits "Heart of Stone" a collaboration with Tanya Stephens and "Leave the crumbs alone' with Mackie Conscious.

The most recent release is an EP dubbed Fly Away. The renowned musician who’s often referred to as the Carlos Santana of reggae music has chosen the Lenny Kravitz classic as the title track on the collection. What makes this project unique, is despite his usual stellar performance on the bass guitar and as a music producer, Campbell has created yet another metamorphosis in his musical presence by featuring only his vocal performances. Taddy P is currently working on his fourth studio album. His albums and EP are available on all major digital platforms including itunes, Amazon, cdbaby.com and all major music sites.


  • 6Piece DW Custom, Mapex or Yamaha Master Drum Kit to include:
  • 22" Kick1
  • 3x14" Piccolo Snare with Stand for snare 2
  • 1 8x14Brass Snare with stand for snare #1 with 1/2 muffler ring
  • 8, 10, 12,Rack toms14”and 16” Floor Toms.
  • Zildjianor SabianCymbals to include:
  • 5 Heavy duty BoomCymbal Stands W/Extra Long Arms
  • 1 DW9000or Yamaha DFP(9500D) or TamaSpeed Cobra(HP910LSW)
  • 1 14”Zildjianor Sabian14" Hi-Hats New Beat or Quick Beat
  • 1 14”Zildjianor SabianHi-Hat for Hi-Hat#2 on Remote stand to the right of Drummer beside Tom 3
  • Zildjian or Sabian Cymbals to Include
  • 1 12” Splash
  • 2 16” Crash
  • 1 18” China
  • 1 18” Crash Ride
  • 1 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Drum Throne
  • 2 Small attachable fans for Drummer or Substitute
  • 1 Stereo Out for DrumMachine


  • 2 SWR 750/900 Bass Head or SVT-8PRO or Gallien Krueger Bass Head
  • 4 Goliath 3 4x10 or 2 Heritage SVT-810E or 4 Neo212 Speaker Cabinets
  • 1 Guitar stand


  • 2 Triton Extreme with memory
  • 2 Yamaha Motif XS or XF
  • 3 Substain Pedals
  • 3 Apex Height adjustable Keyboard Stands or 2 X Stand two tier Two long arms and two short arms