Bass Session


  1. Any Love (feat. AJ Brown
  2. Special Lady feat. Dean Stephens
  3. Where I Wanna Be
  4. It’s a Pity
  5. Run to You feat. Shema
  6. Bass Session feat. Deesha
  7. Back Stabbers feat. Nerry
  8. Waiting on the World to Change feat. Selena Serrano
  9. New Day feat. AJ Brown
  10. Bass Line
  11. Gimme the Light
  12. Other Side feat. Gem Myers
  13. Eternal Flames
  14. You’re the One for Me feat. Chantelle Ernandez
  15. Special Lady
  16. Bass Line feat. (Ishazee Remix)

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Gimmie Di Bass


  1. Play For Me (feat. Deesha)
  2. Lets Get It Started (feat. Shaggy , Red Fox & Chevaughn)
  3. Heart Of Stone (feat. Tanya Stephens)
  4. Come Go With Me (feat. Evin Lake)
  5. Lady In My Life (feat. Rik Rok)
  6. Embrace Love (feat. Deeyah)
  7. Will This Love Survive (feat. Rik Rok)
  8. Too Busy (feat. Maxi Priest)
  9. Monday Morning Blues (feat. Bunny Rugs)
  10. Gimme Di Bass (feat. Beniton)
  11. Leave The Crumbs Alone (feat. Mackie Conscious)
  12. God Is (feat. Simonie Kitson)
  13. Heart Of Stone (Dub Mix)
  14. Monday Morning Blues (Dub Mix)
  15. Mama (feat. Dean Stephens)

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Bass Inna Yu Face


  1. Intro (Learning to Lean)
  2. Dance Hall Funk
  3. Ghetto Party
  4. Taddy Jam
  5. Video
  6. Brotha
  7. Bass Inna Yu Face
  8. Space In My Heart
  9. Sting Ray
  10. Shape of My Heart
  11. No More Issues
  12. Dub Rock

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