Taddy Release new EP called “FLY AWAY”

In yet another display of musical genius, veteran bass guitarist Othniel Taddy P Campbell has released a four track EP project dubbed Fly Away. The renowned musician who’s often referred to as the Carlos Santana of reggae music has chosen the Lenny Kravitz classic as the title track on the collection. What makes this project unique, is despite his usual stellar performance on the bass guitar and as a music producer, Campbell has created yet another metamorphosis in his musical presence by featuring only his vocal performances. Having been used to featuring the amazing vocals of the likes of Maxi Priest and Tanya Stephens on his previous projects, Taddy P fly-away-cover-final-1400x1400 figured it was a great time to bring his vocal abilities to the fore and expose his fans to a different aspect of his musical ability. Fly Away  was chosen as one of the tracks due to its long lasting impact on the music world, having won Kravitz a Grammy Award for best male rock performance. In another interesting twist, he’s also created a reggae ballad version of the 1963 Beatles classic I Wanna Hold Your Hand. The E P also features two original tracks, the first of which is Traffic Jam, a playful musical ode to beautiful women around the globe who can stop traffic with their radiance. The second original track, Pi Pi, takes on a more serious tone with an intense focus on the crime situation in Jamaica and around the world. The song deals with not only what creates the environment of crime but how citizens cope with living under fear. This EP follows on the heels of his most recent single, Give it Up, featuring Sahara. Fly Away is now available on iTunes. Follow Taddy P on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on his concerts and performances.

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Posted by Taddy at August 7th, 2017